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hebdo am strand/lucky7: apologies&quotes

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…seems i’m wrong, wrong, wrong in some lightly tossd judgements on
history, art & epistemology,
& apologies are due to teresa-
kitty mrosovsky brings up th following in th introduction to her
own translation of ‘th temptation of st antony’ by gustave flaubert:
‘jean bruneau argues that flaubert cd’ve owed a direct debt to hegel & quotes a key phrase of th ‘aesthetics’:
‘…far from mere appearances being purely illusory, th forms of art comprise more reality (wirklichkeit, ja?) & truth (wahrheit, nicht war?) than th phenomenal existences of th real(!?) world. th world of art is truer than that of nature & history.’
* so in hegel already we seem to have art posited as a form of knowledge
comparable to
science & philosophy itself??
ms. mrosovsky also touches on our earlier topic-
‘…th strands of 19th c. erotica as unpickd by literary critics…seem to me monotously predictable. flaubert was not alone in imagining…an exotic woman who wd combine th frank availability of th whore w/ a kind of sensuous transcendence…[flaubert] sees in th idea of prostitution ’so complex a point of intersection- lust, bitterness, nullity of human relations, muscular frenzy & ringing of gold- that looking to th bottom of it makes one dizzy, & what a lot one learns there!’
she also brings something up that pushes self-questioning buttons in me-’…nietzsche raisd th question of th corrupting effect of th ascetic ideal on artistic creativity…’-no bibliographic reference, no elaboration…& i wonder, has my artistic creativity bn corrupted by ‘th ascetic ideal’ & if so, how??
(…where do i search for héctor huyke’s possible email @ colegio d
mayagüez? it seems long
overdue he shd get draggd by th short & curlies into this little
kaffeeklatsch/sowing circle…!)

* d-(8{>

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September 5th, 1998 at 3:38 pm

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