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1- here is th moonless midweek fear wd shut me up, down (5?bare strip of road growing car dealerships for supper)
2- th liquor whisper, mumbling to itself
4- to weed-whacker wake-up posse razing fragile saplings 3- a maze of daydream bulletins finds me home abuzz 7-(roy haynes snap crackles his way out of boston to my joy)
6- turn into thelonious joint, cravings washd out & sunk

…morning after, ocean swollen oily w/ th tide- grey, airless quiet takes its own sweet noon to blow clouds’ thread no less than bare & gust into th glare in one fell rasp…
where is theodore roethke when i need him? in his books i guess…
life is good: i’ll be out of bed by seven-thirty my third straight day
pello (peyo?), newly married to my cousin charo, has decided he can spare
some of
th krew he has working on my dad’s building in town (leaky roof, cranky
to do some long overdue work on th beach house: grounds these first couple
of days,
roofwork & paint into next week…can he help me w/ my studio bungalow
die deutscher don’t arrive until 21.dezember. i’d love to have th floor &
part of
th walls up before these three months are up. hellllp! in yr hands…d-(8{>

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September 17th, 1998 at 8:41 pm

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