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July 13th 2000

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…meaning, it’s gotten so hard to take permission to set aside th growing
online office chores & write, just write, my original purpose to all this!
my curiosity makes a sometimes explosive, sometimes frustrating combo w/ my
compulsivity. i check every piece of junk e-mail out before deleting, which
takes more & more time as th marketing cookies add up, server to server
across th tightening fiber-optic web…
it’s difficult to come to nyc because once here, i have a hard time leaving-
even visiting @ what to me feels like th worst time, now, sweltering summer
in th city/back of my neck gettin dirty & gritty…town overrrun by rutting
beyootiful peeple eurotourists…ah well…i’ll take a few breaths & do a
second part before sending this- (quarter after eight, tuesday th
(friday th 13 fall on a thursday this month! watch out! -as churchy would
have said…anyone remember churchy, pogo’s alligator pal?)
…another plus/minus crazymaking summer quality in nyc is th number of
scantily clad women strolling ambling skating rushing pedalling wandering
oozing down th street…i’m going to retreat to a cave w/ a fast t3 backbone
connection, away from th frustrating world of touch/don’t touch, flesh&blood,
brcik&mortar, & wind down what’s left of my life as th virtual sensorium
powers up th matrix all around me…reach out & touch th waterfall of digits
washing over th unmeasurable distance to fragile, sealed off skinmeat…
seems i’ve trippd & stumbled back down th bottomless futility well…
love, d=(8{>

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July 30th, 2000 at 7:45 pm

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