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on top of everything else, th day after i send my last posting, that’ll be two weeks tomorrow, i guess, i

finally make it back to vega baja after ummm-a week, i guess, since driving into san juan v’spera d reyes, 5th

of january, & th beach house had bn broken into: th big magnavox tv set, th microwave oven from downstairs, my

new am/fm clock radio still in th box…all of these were gone, plus, we found out later, when dr.dad showed up

th next day, a new set of screwdrivers & a mercury lamp also in its box… so anyway… i’m not 100% sure

i’ll really do it, but i’m telling myself i’ll rent an imac for th next four weeks or so, catch up on

my…adult internet socializing…?? so anyway… i’m certainly reading a lot these days…’poland’ by

michener!! got into it for a while, but i tried to switch gears after a hundred or so pages of ‘los detectives

salvajes’ by roberto bola~o, who co-wrote th book i based my screenplay on & nearly strippd an aesthetic

gear…i’m also hopscotching my way around ‘generaton x’ by douglas coupland, which has some weird

intersections in tone & attitude w/ roberto’s book. very good, too. there was something else i was reading in

installments…’th cast of characters’? something else…? thought i might make it into old san juan for

sunday night’s final fiesta d san sebastian blowout & a little dancing in th streets…nope. am i turning

agoraphobic? haven’t even managed to drag myself to th grocery store for my obligatory breakfast staple,

pineapple juice…after i’m finishd here (soapy’s internet station, facing th bay between tourism piers two &

three) i’ll stop @ pueblo de diego & stock up for th week- yogurt, juice, water, greens, onions, calabaza…

so anyway…twenty minutes until one in th morning…friend ray may wake me up tomorrow to drive out to vega

baja & give me some tips on shelf making, basic carpentry…okey, ray… i cd use a mentor in brick & mortar &

concrete work- it wd be great to make a little office out of th dead space th upstairs terrace has become los

pillos put a long driftwood trunk thru th last bit of picture window there to get into th second story! how

th-?? no scrapes, no blood, nothing on th jagged points of th small, irregular opening- this guy’s an outlaw

yogi or something…! oh, ok…basta for now…
abrazos a tutti,

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January 25th, 2000 at 12:44 pm

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hello, one & all…apologies for th deafening silence these last…umm-three weeks already! – but reentry to

bittersweet paradise home & family is always difficult- feels like i’ve run some kind of high-adrenalin

‘mission impossible’ everyone disavows when i sit down to debrief.
then again, in th words of richard hugo,
‘this is th bad time, christmas
& th myths are honed fine’
…it’s become a recurrent season for mourning for me particularly since it wd’ve been th first wk of january

that i wd’ve become a father fifteen years ago, 1985…but for th simple but overwhelming fact that i was not

th love in th love of my life’s life… i just did my cold-turkey caffeine quit for two days when i felt a

cold coming on last friday- so i spent saturday & sunday- ‘las octavitas’, post-three kings day weekend tail to

traditional boricua christmas holiday partying- nodding out to th tune of fourteen- sixteen hours a day as i

pushd myself to slog thru a freudian psychoanalysts’ take on joyce’s ulysses- ‘th cast of characters’… i had

a great talk about possiblities related to some of my ideas last night after my first espresso in three days

around noon, no workout in four days either, so of course i couldn’t fall asleep until nearly six in th

morning… i’ve been rereading william gibson’s ‘count zero’ today & i’m just a little frightened @ how life

is imitating art in th development of h internet & th notion of ‘cyberspace’…also funny how it’s dated-

written in ‘86, a lot of th warring multinational conglomerates’ names are japanese… still, i’m in a state

-mood?- particularly susceptible to suspension of disbelief regarding th plausibility of any paranoid scenario

my imagination or any neighboring friend or flake’s can conjure up, especially after aol-time-warner-turner

seems like a done deal…
& on that note, reviewing stick-shift skills for th organic growth of two-way
love traffic ’til next time…d=(8{>

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January 11th, 2000 at 1:08 pm

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