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amStrand:mugaversion 2

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el mar, de su orilla en retirada
hasta los horizontes que traicionan
(al borde inferior de oculto cielo )
el ascenso de la fuga conspirada,
miente bajo el bulto gris de reglamentos
-y encima de su esclava lluvia- el infinito

si rompen olas cada escudo de silencio
cómo brinda la evasión rimada?
si reducido a menos de un sólo lugar
cuanto pretendo dispersar enriquecido
ni un punto ciego asienta perspectivas
si encallado queda en mudas traducciones

(‘muga’ significa frontera o límite en euskera-vasco)

Written by morituri

January 24th, 2003 at 7:24 pm

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amStrand:unfinished gothic

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i cling to yr ghost, one true love
bury myself in our crumbling castle

attach, detach- reattach- surrender…
infatuation & lust, phantom limbs

desire is french fuel:
high octane essence
distilled from ancient tar

Written by morituri

January 24th, 2003 at 7:16 pm

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please excuse me. i’m so disorganized these days (HA), i forget who got what when if it all or whether

appropiate…abrazos, d=(8{>
To: Alexander Schachtner ; Amy ; Mark L. Williams ; Peter Schenk ; Jose E. Roman Garcia

at th risk of flapping my flimsy wings
over not a few bewildered heads
more like a pissy blinded bat
than a far-searching long-suffering albatross
-or cormorant or dark unrecognised migratory-
let me bring family & friends
strewn along any number of possible flight paths
up to date on how christmas threw
a spaniard in th works of my worst laid plans…
(to honor john lennon’s punning turn of phrase)

’twas th twilight of christmas
& all down las carreteras
young borrachos were weaving
high hasta las teleras…
cut to th chase:
when i made it back to vega baja i found th beachouse broken into & gleefully vandalised.
besides taking th expected microwave, camcorder, espreso machine, blender & beatup old mini-boombox radio-cassette

player, gone were my churchill bodysurfing flippers- both pairs- my rock climbing slippers & harness, my cheap,

beatup, politically incorrect, chinese hiking boots from k-mart, which had memorably torn my feet over th hundred &

sixty kilometers
of th Aragon leg of th Camino de Santiago in ‘99…
-& my backpack & my near-mint pair of levi’s 505s & my torn seat sweatpants & even
my walking shorts & t-shirt, ginseng & other new supplements including ultimate life’s florazyme & two cans of

Ultimate Meal shake-powder…toiletries bag with travel sowing kit
& antibacterial, antifungal & cortisone ointments…toolbox full of tools, pruner, hacksaw, clippers…i keep

realizing something or another is missing only when i look for it…
BUT thankfully, as i found out only nearly two weeks later when i finally drove into san juan, & was relieved to

find them at Dr.Dad’s house, NOT a couple of videocassettes with some valuable footage from ‘98, including th New

Alchemy Institute 25-year anniversary reunion
& th opening festivities for th newly redone installation in room 12C at th Carlton Arms Hotel, NYC…
so AGAIN travel plans are postponed…maybe i’ll fly by th end of th month, likely not before mid to end

February…maybe i’ll stopover in NYC to shop for shoes & a pack…
hugs & hasta la vista, d=(8{>

Written by morituri

January 21st, 2003 at 7:38 am

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