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…i’ve lost track. how long has it been?
really stumbling rolling dragging & @ best bouncing around this emotional
i read my cares…not-quite-away? …pushd thru ‘poland’ by michener, hop
skip & jumped around lawrence durrell’s first (i believe) novel-
‘th dark labyrinth’,.. keep returning to th same chapters in douglas
coupland’s ‘generation x’, lately, mostly working on finishing hesse’s
’steppenwolf’, my first rereading since i was sixteen or so- i think…
also started vaneigem’s situationist rant- ‘a cavalier history of
surrealism’…& my cousin marilse reminded me i had ‘barcelona’ by robert
hughes lying around, so i started browsing thru it again- th chapter on
gaudi, among others…need more? when i’m feeling reeeeally depressed i pick
up henry miller’s ‘big sur & th oranges of hieronymous bosch’…
i can’t stand it. over a month & a half after th beach house got broken into,
dr.dad & my brothers haven’t gotten it together to look for th valcor window
papers in case they need to call th company’s ‘lifetime warranty’ bluff- so i
feel like i’m playing watchdog as i drench myself in ‘off’ insect repellent
before crawling into bed- but th bug juice wears out in a few hours &
mosquito buzzes & bites wake me between two & three in th morning whenever
th prevailing high pressure fails & th breeze dies down- often enough, these
it’s a busy tuesday @ th stroke of midnight- it’s th night there’s three
cruise ships in town & soapy’s internet station stays open til two in th
morning when passengers & crew gather back onboard & th big liners prepare to
lift anchor…
san valentin was bad & lonely. inspired me to think up an alias:
val steppenwolf…or valen wolf? i mean, my ummm- ‘nombre de pila’? -given
name? christian name? feels like a sad sick joke in my current self-pitying
david jose: th cherisehd or beloved (according to ‘god’s heart’) -who labors
w/ his hands- daoud youssef…& i’ve ended up being such a solitary, unloved,
amateur capitalist…oh well. isn’t it ironic…
so, i’m looking @ travelling th month of march: costa rica, guatemala & a
visit to carlos oscar in miami for my birthday towards th end of march…
tony’s mac hasn’t even had an apple machine for me to rent all this time, so
i haven’t had a chance to work on forwarding my earlier writings out of their
compuserve format zipdisk backup to either david sower or maybe to th new
online storage business i saw advertised somewhere…
(to be continued- a suivre- continuara…)
abrazzous, dabizzet.j=(8{>

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February 22nd, 2000 at 8:00 am

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