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September 29th 2001

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Subject: amStrand:flight of ideas

every day every night i run darker later blinder
pull my glasses off give up faith in deficient sight
take a chance on th rest of my wounded senses
fearful shadows my ally gently testing my strength
granting reassurance & value to meager powers

(a ghostly dog pants at my heels
my pace my track draw him on
underlining th night road leading me home)
‘my life has fallen to th sere, th yellow leaf…’

in this full-wallow season all i remember of love & friendship
is loss manipulation & betrayal. all i feel & find
in desire is fruitless outcome unfulfilled exasperation
all th women i lost my heart to sleep in compromised comfort
sheltered by my enemy or my stranger friend’s arms


Written by morituri

September 29th, 2001 at 9:06 pm

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