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September 24th 2001

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Subject: THE N- INCIDENT: further backround

i’ve known n- since summer of ‘96. th first time she came into reception at th carlton arms hotel,

th resident poet’s jaw & mine hit th floor in unison. she was dressed in a supergirl miniskirt,

but for th life of me i can’t remember where th ‘S’ logo was actually placed.

that november, after returning from an ill-fated trip to spain, i invited her & a girlfriend to join me

for a special dinner pairing game dishes w/ th rhone varietals from a boutique california winery.

she proved to be a bit of a drunken boor, but i chalked it up to youth & country girl attitudinizing.

she seemed to be a hard worker- a budding photographer w/ a precocious repertoire of technical fireworks, documenting th art in each of th rooms for her graduation portfolio…we agreed on making

th dinner price a deposit towards th purchase of a print at some unspecified later date.

last year she was dividing time between home in canada & nyc photo gigs after a two-year world-spanning jaunt…

hello david,,

anytime your ready i can go and do the work,, i even think that we have a

week off in march, and that would be perfect.

for fees,, you know that i would not charge you any extra fees,, but the

basic would be good so i dont kned to pocket out my own money,, and g-

assisting would be perfect. 9 to the 18 of march

got to run


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September 24th, 2001 at 9:04 pm

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