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strand hebdo hors de sérieXXtra

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well, i’ve got a couple of st.george’s crosses (see th union jack) or what
i hope are acceptable faccsimiles put up in duct tape on th picture windows
facing th ocean. i’d like to think they may keep any breaking glass from
throwing flying shards, but i guess they’re mostly there to propitiate la
benevolencia et faveur de georges qui nous approche a grand vitesse- for a
have had some interesting feedback on my last posting- think i was a little
cryptic about what was going on in that one, i may redo & resend…for all
friends & fans of more structured form, some of my usual jotted
observations have evolved into a sonnet over th last three- four weeks…
close to three-thirty right now & i’ve disregarded all advice to leave th
beach house. hope it doesn’t prove a foolishly reckless course of action.
got some territorial issues i’m acting out here, certainly, but it felt
really important to take a stand as a caretaker & see if i can handle th
risk in a responsible way…got a two hour battery in this baby, so as long
as phone lines hold, i can post this & maybe a followup in tomorrow’s
aftermath…over & out for now- 1540h-d-(8{>

Written by morituri

September 21st, 1998 at 12:48 pm

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