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…construction crews are pulling serious overtime laying superaqueduct pipe this Friday night…lavender-white mercury floodlamps light up th dig like a jim cameron location shoot: yellow cranes growl & tear @ mounds of dark earth. I’ve got a stiff clutch to sink- or, my little four-wheel drive toyota does- & my left thigh hurts fit to cramp…I follow a river of red taillights, winding its way out of san juan on th highway: th blood corpuscles of this island society, clumping about th toll plaza @ th foot of th hill…

Sent: Wednesday, September 23, 1998 10:24 AM
Subject: am strand#9(…number nine…) estuary

open-shut case, insight lands me
endless- incomplete & struggling
still, to glow peace on th margins
of th gold-depleted mangrove delta-

aimful fireflies float burn-green
gender signals to cocoon my pace
another sticky-silk dead August twilight
* ghostly traffic old as silence or big bang

needs whirr like cicadas while
th landscape shadows into doubt
& hunger hones endurance into anger

(yet soak th violent courtship off
our dancing skin to slough th burden
shrouding every miracle mute)

(power outage. stuck coffee craving. things i don’t want to see- a man & a woman in a car, passenger door side open- his hand a tight fist, pulling her hair as she yells to let go- ’suéltame!’ …if i were phillip marlowe or a similar six-foot, hundred & eighty pound hardboild knight errant, i might butt in- ‘excuse me, th lady said LET GO’- but i continue on my run, gritting my teeth- maybe i can ring 911 from th little cafetín-bar by th surf break down th road…)

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October 1st, 1998 at 8:58 am

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