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it’ll be a week tomorrow since i arrivd in puerto viejo d talamanca. big
italian colony. costa d papito was full for th night i arrived, then it was
spotty for th week, so i ended up staying @ their neighbors’- sandra & leo
from brescia, not far from milano…
just found out bill mclarney’s in town! maybe i’ll get to meet th guy before
i head back to san jose next sunday, guatemala next wednesday, miami th
following sunday…
guatemala was a bit of a bust, @ least partly because of my thin skin for
soical inequalities & aggressive hustling.(i was even propositioned by a
middle-aging mayan guy in antigua…)
isabel was hitting critical mass after th terrible theft of new computers &
most of her business’office equipment, but she certainly didn’t need me to
hold her hand, she just needed to deal w/ th fallout- personal &
professional- which made me wish i’d headed down this way directly, but it
was a learning experience as focused & gentle as they come, so why complain?
happy happy happy to just be able to communicate, what w/ flooded landlines,
overloaded servers knocking off, telephone service spotty @ best…i want to
cook dinner & propose buisness owners get together & see if they can
some deal for a total wireless package, see if www.wanderlustmedia.com can
sponsor maybe half of th setup/startup costs, if they don’t come to more than
$5-6k…satellite dish? couple of state of th art dells? anybody out there
wanna help me do th numbers & join th sponsorship? gonna start talkin’it
up…who knows, i may be returning here regularly, th place vibrrrates in my
childhood memories so deeply…(flowing love, à suivre…)

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March 15th, 2000 at 2:41 pm

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