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…& found again. a state of grace recovered in small, loving gestures-
puerto viejo tappd into childhood memory smells- farm, jungle & beach all
rolld into one: dense seagrape & beach almendro leafrot composting into humus
over sand, wetlands drainage ditches snaking along & across th little resort
property bungalows; tall, skinny wild guava trees dropping their fruit by th
unpaved roadside…
i managed to pull about six hours of intense virtual office reorganizing
yesterday before burning out. gracias mil a carlos & hayvis for their
hospitality & their spanking-new, superfast gateway computer.
‘la comida dl pobre viene toda junta’: to wit, all of a sudden, i have a lot
on my plate & i’m again faced w/ making choices, deciding priorities,
trusting my (seemingly, feelingly) tentative & compromisd instincts: i’ve
been given a chance to possibly blossom as a business networker & seek
investors w/ fairly deep pockets in puerto rico for diverse projects in costa
rica, mostly related to th developing ecotourism sector on th caribe sur
coast around puerto viejo. th emotional fly in th ointment is th news that th
digital filmmaking workshop director bigas luna is setting up in barcelona
begins on april 28!!
i’m taking deep breaths, detaching from my inner mom voice reminding me how i
missd a good chance to take a new york film academy low-budget production
course in paris in part @ least because of my ill-timed stint as a volunteer
editing assistant for ak press in san francisco, in th spring of ‘98. this is
a great chance to ‘do th footwork & detach from expected results’: a digital
camera & laptop are required for participation & shopping for them is one of
th main tasks of my stay in miami. i cannot change th past, i cannot bend th
future: i can only take care of- & responsibility for- th present…
and th oscar goes to…
love, love above all…d=(8{>

Written by morituri

March 26th, 2000 at 8:53 pm

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