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…after mezzanott/zze, tonight becomes wedNextday!
not th middle member of what god hath joined!
still, love, still let no man put it, tear it asunder…

(certo, nicht wahr? osip mandelstam:)
‘our life stands upon a base so thin
& th language of rejoicing is so poor…

everything happens & happens once more
& nothing is sweet but th moment of recognition’
-arc-hit-tech-chewer? overarch-king…eye-dee-awelogie?

totality & finality: ‘death’s at th bottom of everything’
-th paperback writer searching for his friend harry lime
in postwar vienna played by joseph cotten is told
by th british occupation officer played by trevor howard

Written by morituri

August 17th, 2001 at 1:06 pm

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