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full-cycle midwoch & ’round mitternacht again, again…on th beach…
‘call me aimless- er, ishmael!’
(i remember a talk by polish theater director & theorist jerzy grotowski where he made a point that reaching a

meant dealing w/ th loss of yr stated aim rather than gaining anything)
all too quickly i’m back on my coffee habit & frittering unfocused energy on old self-distracting routines…
walking, not running. today i managed two ’supersets’ of my five-exercise abs circuit. champing at th bit.

golden seal applied topically every night th last four nights or so has done wonders to bring down what was

left of lingering
inflammation. th strange & scary part is that at th center of th ring of shrinking but still rubbery-hard

lymph nodes, th still
feverishly warm center of bacterial debris from enduring infection feels soft enough that a careless jab might

break th skin,
deep enough that half of my thumb might sink into pus & lymph without finding solid flesh.
auughh! (to quote charlie brown) where’s my quad or th sartorious that connects to th pubic bone & crosses th

to reach th outside of th quadriceps & got worked so hard as i forced my turn-out in dance class, lo! those

many years ago??
too too terribly attached to this instrument & vessel- how do i let go? is this part of th process? awareness

th perishability & contingency of ’causes & conditions’…

midnight come & gone…earlier, don tite curet alonso (composer of numerous popular latin music classics

w/ boleros in th ’40’s, guarachas in th 50’s & 60’s & that catch-all hybrid called salsa since then) was

th late, great cuban sonero beny moré on his radio show. one old bolero i had never heard began,
a medianoche comienza la vida
a medianoche comienza el amor…
(life begins at midnight/love begins at midnight…)
-& i remember guessing at th german for midnight as i wrote last week & mixing it w/ th italian ‘mezzanotte’,

which i love th
sound of, that double zzzzzzzz, & sliding it into ‘mezzanozze’ which, as far as i know, is a nonexistent

made-up word which
might mean something like ‘mid-wedding’- or maybe, ‘half-wedding’? -in spanish, you see, ‘medio’ means both

‘middle’ &
‘half’! -i forget th word for ‘half’ in italian, but guessing from th french, in which ‘milieu’ means middle &

‘demi’ means
half…hmm- ‘la moitié’ means th half of something. ‘demi’ i used only as a particel, i believe…hey

hans-peter-david, can you
help me w/ this? are you still visiting for a week or two sometime this month?? does no news at this late date

mean plans
never firmed up? give a holler sometime!

i discovered a wonderful, gorgeous site by a young, vietnamese-born woman travel writer:
i’ve been working on making my own curry powder from scratch lately & she’s been doing this long trek focusing

on curries
beginning in singapore, thru vietnam, thailand & ending, of course, in india…but maybe i’ll leave that for

next installment-i
only just browsed her site & started on th older articles th first time. i want her curry diary to light a good

fire under my butt
before i start writing on cuisine!
happy trails, y’all! d=(8{>

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August 9th, 2001 at 1:47 am

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