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what a life. i’ve spent this whole month breathing hard…
taking deep breaths…letting go of anger, taking responsibility, seeking to draw th right lessons…
debating how public to be about this issue…still think i may write/share/publish an open letter to this

person as my next
installment- after all…th future of wanderlust media as a viable entity may have been radically altered as a

a result of this
incident & hard lessons learned. for now i will just say i feel that somebody i considered a friend abused my

& my trust when i…
meanwhile, back amStrand: obsessing about this particular ‘…hill of beans in this crazy world…’ kept me

from making
a decision to join th civil disobedience action & be arrested in vieques for trespassing on navy property &

getting my ‘…fair
share of abuse…’ along w/ edward james olmos, robert kennedy jr., danny rivera, robbie draco rosa, luis

gutierrez, &c, &c,
&c, two weekends ago.
i may still get my chance. th navy’s threatening to renew war games in sixty days which would mean a lovely 4th

of july
taking deep breaths…
i have taken on added responsibilities, however: my brother javier brought me a cute kitten to hopefully help

w/ th mouse
problem. for now,though, all he(yup, no pussy for me: it’s a little tommy)does is add feline shit to th mouse

droppings in th
www.wanderlustmedia.com: a virtual ground for homeless desire

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May 24th, 2001 at 6:27 pm

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