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(ayianito: peddona te inunde tanto el hardraiv- mi last dialogue con paco boyer incluye joyitas para inspiración lit&creativa, ideas re.:pretensiones culturales d/para mi diario d peregrino…d=(8{>)
Frank Boyer, INTERNET: fboyer@netstep.net
Date: Die, 05. Jan 1999 11:33:23 PM

Messex written by Foyer
“fra minehole project of my dissert a ton, tying to come a way of doing it that doesn’t make me sick unto death.
* yikes! get thee th healing balm of gilead & lead me on a pilgrimage there… drifts deter generic placement starting to reflect on mi nancy those reflections seem to me to be gin to coal to form.
* funny, you had a comment (criticism?) a while back about dates & tying my musings to th specific- to th strictly anecdotic- & i bristld @ first, but learnd from it- it’s a tightrope (th tightrope of all art???) because i tend to use th anecdote to ground a tendency to fly into discursive abstraction that clots up there

in th ether & often comes crashing down like so much pretentious flying pig shit… anyway, glad you enjoy my process…hope you find a way to leaven/lighten yr own…
As Kerouac once wrote, “What you feel will find its own form.”
* oh, yes, ‘ti jean! thanx for that quote!
Have you read Bruce Chatwin.
* yup, some- got an anthology of shorter articles here…
You know that Cain was a wanderer. Take a look at Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage and Cain, both by good ol’ boy Byron.”
* know what i started (re)reading (never finishd it th 1st time)? weber’s ‘protestant ethic & th spirit of capitalism’: have vague ideas about trying to focus my online travel diary (if -) on/as a journey tracing luther- reform- central europe towards th west- middle ages- catholicism &c &c… meanwhile looking @ th first effects of th monetary unification of europe… true imperialism of centralising capital…blahblah… good ol’(bad)boy byron wd be a luvly change of pace…i’ll have to shop for it…
————— End rig in a Mess ————
loof, d=(8{>

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February 12th, 1999 at 11:00 am

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