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April 1st 1999

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(ars amatoria, circa 1985)

th streetlamps are on

I lie down in th middle of nowhere

you appear on th horizon & I walk yr way

I do not pursue when you run & hide

I find my way to th spot you fled & sit down

if I catch sight of you again I rise & continue

I do not believe I am going anywhere in particular

you seem to be making yr way into th wild

I am better at ease in th open grasslands

but I figure th forest will suit me in yr company

if you lose me I will search out a clearing:

I will not sleep where stars are hidden from sight

I hope you know what you are doing: if you

cannot be reached, I will not be left behind

loff, d=(8{>

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April 1st, 1999 at 5:34 pm

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