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it’s been a roller-coaster of a month- often more like a seesaw, w/ seemingly no distance travelled, no ground

covered, no displacement @ all between highs & lows, ups & downs, peaks & troughs…
back to double espressos @ a single gulp & double my usual dose of st.john’s wort this last week, & all i can

do to keep from napping right after breakfast & thru th afternoon…
i thought i might profit from letting suspense build while i mulled over how more elegantly to braid th various

narrative strands i started weaving a while back, but truth is, as i approach emotionally loaded themes, inner

resistance grows & following thru gets increasingly difficult…
then, too, i just turnd 45 & i’m having a hard time getting used to it… time & life seem to slip inexorably

away while i futilely nurture hopes for artistic & business projects that jostle for scarce inner space among

th clutter of more personal unfulfilld desires…
but it’s not all inner anguish: precisely in seeking to ascertain th current conditions of wetlands remnants in

th neighboring area & view th damage i knew of second-hand, some of my worst fears regarding irresponsible

development have been confirmed. first of all some good news: th subdivision development of th old dairy farm

in th cibuco area (which i continually refer to in relation to my inspiring runs) seems to be indefinitely

stalled, if not stoppd, due to findings of precolumbian, most likely taíno archeological remains- not just

potsherds, but from what i hear, graves w/ skeletal remnants… on th down side, my walks west along th beach

past th old army & national guard target area led me to a huge (eight-ten feet tall as you walk inland, about

th same measure wide?) ditch, construction- again- abandoned for th time being, leading up to what seems like a

small filtration plant by a development known as ‘villa d los pescadores’- which seems to be clearing ground

for expansion…more untreated sewag into th ocean? closer (literally) to home, wanting to take a look @

another small aqueducts & sewers plant, i found a swampy ditch, no better than an open sewer of stagnant,

seemingly unprocessd discharge…told musin suárez about it- his parents’ home & his own lot combining

boatyard, workshop & fishmonger’s shed being no more than two-three hundred yards away…offered to add my

voice & efforts to any course of action that we cd get a concerned group of residents to agree on- no word as

of yet… i just wonder what sort of a crisis will be necessary for awareness of how deep th shit we’re in is

already to hit home…?
biglove, d=(8{>

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April 1st, 1999 at 7:07 pm

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