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April 23rd 2000

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another pleasant valley sunday…

-which just happens to be easter. some bbc radio programme yesterday featured th teenybopper/bubble gum pop music industry- & th business model even pseudo anarcho-capitalist malcolm mclaren referred to was (hey, hey!) th monkees. so there you have it…

finally went to see american beauty, & th missing theme song might seem to be th above title. did michael nesmith write that one? it’s already after midnight. i’m fed up w/ living in my head. feels like i’ll be in th grave before i ever get to live out something that fells halfway like my own life…

i reach out & my arms embrace empty air. i’m falling, th clock is ticking, i went from endless peter pan adolescence to middle age crisis in on fell swoop. guess it’s time to buy mself a harley & see if i can pick up some cute highschool girl aching to blow this popsicle stand & see th big wide bloody third world by my side…haha…

is there anybody out there?

what is love? d=(8{>

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April 23rd, 2000 at 7:42 pm

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