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there. made morning zazen @ centrozen en caimito.
come right down to it, all reality is virtual.
…yes ana, you were so right. maybe it’s just that th emotional tone of
th short stories seems so deeply lived- and resonates more personally than
th more plot-punchy novels-
i’m speaking of william gibson & his collection of early short stories,
burning chrome. there’s a story in there- ‘hinterlands’- had me close to
tears from th first page, & then- this man knows how to use th possibilities
of ’science fiction’ like nobody else i’ve read. there’s phillip k. dick
using th genre in a similar way, but he engages th human question from a more
-hmm- ’scientific?’ anthropological? epistemological, perceptual angle?
gibson is (was?) a little vaguer…? in a way, it’s more about th effect- but
th sense of loss & limitless longing that he so vividly- cosmically??-
portrays- creates…is so palpable & overwhelming, even as he wears a bit of
a postmodern smirk out of th side of his stylistic face, playing w/ th
conventions of th genre…as you may notice, i’ve bn floored…
gonna be two in th afternoon, need a bite, planning to see a dance
performance for th first time in a looong while- lolita villanua’s company-
‘andanza’ (or is that just th name of th recital/program?) closes a weekend
run @ teatro tapia in old san juan w/ a matinee @ three-thirty…
i’m angry @ myself for writing so stingily these days…
abrazos, d=(8{>

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April 30th, 2000 at 10:59 am

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