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July 12th 2001 Part 2

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Subject: shut th modem, here’s a draft- call me humpty

(…food? take a chance!
i don’t need to fight/to prove i’m right- i don’t need/to be forgiven…
keep yr eyes on th road/ yr hands upon th wheel…)

another saturday night/& i ain’t got nobody…
if life is a party- granted it’s a great deal to grant-
somebody very pointedly neglected an invite
instead, i inherited my mother’s subsidized vale of tears

make it a night of wine & quotes- solstice- st. john’s eve-
chango’s birthday, yemaya’s affair?
pobre de tus noches si las usas/para olvidarte de mi…
(pity yr nights if you use them/to forget me…)

maybe tomorrow/my heart will mend…
(all th king’s horses/& all th king’s men
couldn’t put humpty/together again…)

let me introduce you to this mess in my chest-
once upon a time old-fashioned doctors & poets
would have assuredly labeled it a heart…

Written by morituri

July 12th, 2001 at 8:00 pm

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