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…speak of th devil, last night while my membership was being processed, th lady in red walkd into th vega baja blockbuster video near th midnight closing time & askd to use th restroom. it took forever- i mean, joining th teeming masses as a blockbuster video club member- because th young woman in charge took th process as an occasion to put a trainee through his paces. th lady in red had to wait, too: somebody had to get a key & escort her to th ladies’.
she lookd like i imagined a small-town streetwalker would: hard to get away from that fire-engine, candy-apple, dead-center target-bright red dress…her face was hard-featured w/out being harsh- th nose a little big, th brow a little heavy. she was thin w/out being slender, her calves well-turnd, tannd & fairly muscled. when she walkd out, i thought she gestured towards a little girl- her little girl- to come along, but i couldn’t swear to it… i wish i had had th gall, th pretext, th tact, th skill to make her feel comfortable telling me her story…

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August 23rd, 1998 at 9:10 am

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