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amStrand hebdo: riptides

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look into your past long enough (but don’t stare- gaze: figure th difference between th two as an early step in th process)
look into th past long enough to discover th ways it is your own
as well as th ways it is not (yr own past grows alien to you)
you may notice there is an ebb & flow to its surface- like th breathing
of th tides or th tides of breathing- rising & falling, filling & emptying-

sometimes barely evidencing variation in th level & presence
of its seemingly abject, invisibly accumulating mass- easing minimally
higher & lower along th shore of everyday consciousness-
a hazy memory of minute, isolated, yet mysteriously unplaceable incident drawing alternately closer into, then away from, th pouring edge of th present in an unmeasurable, imperceptible rhythm…
other times, th flood of reconnection climbs & falls in dizzy extremes
engulfing us (us?) in wave after wave of vividly recalled, dramatically
freighted chains of events that sweep away boundaries
between personal history & th surrounding circumstance of th world:
a tangled mesh of circumstance once experienced @ a conventionally
safe remove allowing for intelligibility & th construction of meaning
is mashed & whippd up into swirling currents threatening to drag us
only to recede & dry away, leaving debris-strewn mudflats
where isolated lifesign gestures throw reflecting glints of light
off shallow, windswept tidepools & fragments that once were signposts
lie exposed in all their flimsy absurdity…

love, d=(8{>

Written by morituri

December 19th, 1998 at 8:38 am

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