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it’s two in th morning, my address bk wasn’t imported or copied & i don’t know where it is, th keyboard is

french or spanish or catalan & i have no idea how to- where to- which keys are th regular accent aigu…
david & megan are all tuckd in & tuckered out after helping a friend of david’s move prior to his wedding…
it was a ‘puertorriqueño como yo’ day- i chose ´none of th above’ by
default because i wasn’t certain of my priorities- i didn’t make morning
meditation @ centrozen, didn’t make th fondo
d mejoramiento hike, didn’t make th congreso hostosiano assembly in vega
i was even late for th birthday lunch celebration…i thought of copping
out on writing
this last-minute up-to-th-last-minute bulletin & digging out, brushing th
cobwebs & polishing
up another of th old poetic gems sitting moldering in th vault, but it was
going to be just
as much work, if not more, & intolerable to myself under th
let’s see how i perform as host, very unusual role for me- living as i do
as a guest
in th houses of my family of birth, still…
now i just need to rebuild my address book…
monday th 19, 11h38- errands w/ david & megan? light for th downstairs bathrm, groceries, a couple of fans,

mosquito repellent…did four morning pages today to balance my general skimpiness…finally found myself

working on backstory for th beny crescioni story…but i’ll just send this for now & keep on thinking out loud

for th next few days, maybe it’s worth it to try short daily installments that add up to th one weekly text…

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April 19th, 1999 at 8:47 am

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