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amStrandhebdo/arsPoetica2(back&forth to nature?)

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(written in argument w/ some wendell berry text i can’t recall fifteen years later…)
we have no quarrel w/ th given names
yet must add to th list: we may regard
reality as indefinite rather than eternal
& thus th turning world endures

lavishing th care of form upon language
* or this world, & where th two may meet-
taxes out attention: our insight
what must be excluded from poetry
was not fixed & given to us
(we may approach poetry bringing shelter
or seeking it: others lay siege to it
or are made its hostage in turn)

if poetry is to preserve what might not- ever?- be then it must be about everything: a waterfall of everything,

if only under th full moon of every thing shining thru billowing veils of everything dropp’d over every other

beaver dam across everything…
th world is ours by default
:ever surrounded to be changed on sight
we have dammed th stream that it may flow for us
th forms of language & society wind tight about each other
as they catch a spark that blooms into light & heat (magic
& science both) before withering, dwindling to ashes
invested w/ our mortality & infused w/ yearning for infinity
th span of th structure ends but still bridges beyond
th measure of time to th foggy shore of another heartbeat
(:art not merely rationalising & justifying th limitations of individual perspective by constructing an

authorial ‘voice’ but making th exposure of such limitations meaningful by contextualising th contingency of an

artwork’s achievement or ’success’ as cultural production, gesturing towards this- ‘lack?’
embodied rather than represented in th work-
foregrounding aesthetics as ideology…?)
falmouth, cape cod 1983

Written by morituri

March 11th, 1999 at 9:19 pm

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