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amStrandHebdo: ars poetica/escape from ny cutup

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dead late city night. middle aged drugs in careful dosage

holding back on sin & redemption to deserve my stature-

th pure victim

form is not by default: we learn to choose

if slower than most

dead night, late city

careful victim holding back redemption drugs

careful sin in middle aged dosage

th pure stature

slower form if we choose to learn

my slower stature most pure to choose dead

holding slower sin by default

not back on most

form is not middle aged. we learn city victims

choose to default slower sin

we learn late, back in city stature

choose late & redemption (sleep of reason?

tight chest, no apologies) careful dosage

careful victim careful sin careful stature careful form

nyc, 1983?

Written by morituri

March 7th, 1999 at 5:06 pm

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