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My ’sideways’ moment in Los Olivos

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I may be stuck in Paso Robles, without a car.
near-record lateness on my train, even for Amtrak!
…not one, not two- THREE AND A HALF HOURS.
flashed through my mind to stay in San Luis Obispo but i hesitated
to act on it.
enterprise has cars available back in ‘Bispo. both them & hertz said
to try calling again tomorrow morning at eight.
Paso Robles Inn is nice, but a regular room is 95 bucks-
there goes th budget…(ohhh- what budget, d???)
oh, and PCH to Big Sur may be blocked by mudslides at th southern end- around Gorda.
should i take a train or bus to Salinas or Monterrey instead?
never a dull moment!

abrazos to all, d=(8{>

Written by morituri

March 29th, 2005 at 7:32 pm

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