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RIP Nam June Paik

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se fue otro papi-pionero…(& regret me quede mudo re.: wicked pickett’s passing…reminded me i need to restart shaking my ass ev’ry once in a while before i atrophy…) Over the next few years, Mr. Paik arrived at an early version of performance art, combining cryptic musical elements  usually spliced audiotapes of music, screams, radio news and sound effects  with startling events. In an unusually Oedipal act during a 1960 performance in Cologne, Mr. Paik jumped from the stage and cut off Cage’s necktie, an event that prompted George Maciunas, a founder of Fluxus, to invite Mr. Paik to join the movement. At the 1962 Fluxus International Festival for Very New Music in Wiesbaden, Germany, Mr. Paik performed “Zen for Head,” which involved dipping his head, hair and hands in a mixture of ink and tomato juice and dragging them over a scroll-like sheet of paper to create a dark, jagged streak.

ARTS / ART & DESIGN | January 31, 2006
Nam June Paik, 73, Dies; Pioneer of Video Art Whose Work Broke Cultural Barriers
Nam June Paik was an avant-garde composer, performer and artist who was widely considered the inventor of video art.

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