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Sculpin – reading and language

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…my other problem is consciousnesss of monolingual, culturally

challenged ‘audience’/lectores, & being able to signal

whether an archived text is espanish, inglays, espanglish, inglanyol, o amalgama total

–a guerra avisada no muere gente/forewarned is forearmed, don’t create expectations you can’t fulfill

so frustrations with the vessel lead to spitting out the brew…cappisch’??

apologies for my enduring hermit star turn, a tus órdenes en mi celda-trinchera digital…d=(8{>

ps, & i cd almost steal that rail track image header off her page

for WLM- pero en realidad tengo fotos propias que tengo que acabar de escanear, &c &c

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January 13th, 2006 at 9:24 pm

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