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-meaning, ‘weekly return again’ -or ‘-back again’…
ahhh…travel energy kept me going close to two weeks, missd meditation @
centrozen this morning to feel th drop into family
what can i say?
-when black friday comes/i’ll collect everything i’m owed/& catch th big men
as they dive from th fourteenth floor…fagen & becker are wieder zurueck,
touring as steely dan just in time for their lyrics to be timely…th funds
raquel @ smithbarney just bought, oh so painfully close to market peak, are
down 25% or so…
tony has raised his rental rates on apple machines to like $300- 350 a
WEEK…welll- fugdadsheeet! i live up that creek- where’s my paddle??
what a life…
treading water…difficult to get back into da riddim…nearly five, domingo
de ramos (palm sunday) en viejo san juan…gotta go shop for some
staples…agua jugo d pi~a yogurt eggs…
hasta la vista…bighugs to all…

Written by morituri

April 6th, 2000 at 1:55 pm

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