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amVorstadt…mittwoch 24/31 Mai

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(Vorstadt= Suburbia)

faucets dry th last 24 hours…after a week of low- into mid-90’s heat plus dewpoint & humidity factors…
arghh…better start getting used to it…
as if on cue, just heard a news bulletin on declarations by Carl Soderbergh, EPA’s PR head, warning?
la isla is second only to Haiti in vulnerability to water resources crisis…
when I stroll out to dinner, Piccolo Posto is having a power outage after having replenished th water
in their cistern storage tank after running dry earlier in th day…
–so?I stroll on in th dark, with th half-empty bottle of?Jean-Luc Colombo’s 100% old-vine Rousanne Saint-Peray?
I wanted to share with Piccolo Posto’s owner Joe Rao;?around th half-assed, pedestrian-excluding
under- & over-passes in th ever & always (except now, after nine in th evening)
trafic-clogged Fort Buchanan intersection, to th Argentinian steak house, for some chicken & salad…

…a week and twenty-four hours add up to Donnerstag– ThundersDay– aching to live up to its name–
sultry air sinks sticky still to flatten us
beneath th familiar grey threat?
of veiled clouds…bearing down…like renewed abuse…

…so– a second straight week I only managed three running days, & barely over?thirty struggling minutes?
each time at that…
can’t sleep, then I can’t wake up…Saturday morn I gulped down some coffee & rushed out to th gastroenterologist
(my cousin’s husband) to finally share my abdominal sonogram & liver protocol tests–
shoulda phoned. office closed, out on vacation. so I continue to wonder how much of this
recurrent pain, dizzyness, fatigue & memory lapses is/are merely age & stress– ‘mental’–
& how much of it all science might finally, at some point, deem to be actually ‘physical’…

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June 5th, 2006 at 2:26 am

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