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i’m gonna find mself a girl/who can show me what laughter means &we’ll fill in th missing colors/in each

other’s paint-by-number dreams…
give me/a kiss to build a dream on/&my imagination/will make that moment live…
back in barcino, in a tiny room like th one before, but @ hostal condal, i have central heating & a fridge to

put my yogurt & pineapple juice in…had a couple of low days roundabout halllowe’en- wanted to party but was

exhausted from th train trip- even w/ th extra hour from going off daylight savings time!- also…letting go of

th tension of th week in miguel’s household…gloria is a somewhat loud, somewhat shrill madrileña, on th edge

(or over it!) of feeling overwhelmed all th time- working on her doctoral thesis, teaching a couple of classes,

raising two kids…miguel must have had some scare, gloria was watching what he ate, issuing warnings about

cholesterol- he’s also stoppd smoking, three years ago he chaind ducados day & night…i half wish i’d found th

occasion to bring it up, comment, congratulate him… there were a few lovely days of mediterranean indian

summer over th long all-saints’ day weekend…sun is peeking back out after a rainy morning that kept me under

th covers until nearly noon,rubbing my shoulders for warmth…
& i’m on my way to deutschland! i *need* to run, get my blood flowing out to
my fingers & toes…feels like my lack of exercise lets my juices gather &
pool around my belly & groin…internet access is certainly most expensive
here- even buying a block of time, it’s 800 pesetas an hour, compared to 500
in pamplona, 600 in madrid…blah blah…
found a coffee shop selling & brewing some beans from yauco- got th roasters’
office number- familia marcilla has bn in th business for generations, let’s
see if they’re amenable to sharing how th chnnels for importing ‘uva verde’
into th european community work! i’ve got two possible outlets for gourmet
caribbean coffee in pamplona: el café d emiliano, who buys from a small
roaster in san sebastián, & maybe fernando anso’s future cafe-bar…
hmmm, am i going into th coffee business like, for real??
stay tuned!
love, dabizzet.j=(8{>

Written by morituri

November 2nd, 1999 at 9:47 pm

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