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well, as th late lamented walt kelly wd have churchy cry out to pogo, usually as he ran for safe cover- ‘watch out!! friday th 13th fall on a thursday this month!’
* & it did, but it pickd itself up/dusted itself off & started all over again… thursday i cross-traind, which always feels good- abs & delts wkout early afternoon, & a good, if scraping workout for my grip & callouses warming up for my evening run by doing 15- 20 minutes of fake bouldering- climbing along th seawall on th property…didn’t do my coconut tree climbing practice, tho… th prevailing nor’ easter has reasserted itself, except for th occasional nighttime landward gust bringing humid heat & predawn drizzle… one for th money- three to get ready- a la tercera va la vencida (third time’s th charm…?) struggling w/ writing 100% english…i want to jump in & out, up & down, here & there, de bilingual a trilateral soon- will be recommencing study of deustsche sprache- i believe klaus-heiner is joining jens-holger & family for their december visit & i’d like to be able to meet him halfway across his limited english…

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August 17th, 1998 at 2:20 pm

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