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June 6th 2003

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viernes 6, 1240h:

too much sugar in th pineapple juice, too much butter in th croissants, too much coffee

first thing in my morning…change th program! remember how you shifted gears in germany in ‘94 turning coffee down & having mint tea in th morn…? well- do it again!!

se fundio la unica bombilla que tenia enroscada…

hmmm- is my throat thing allergic? i wake up ok- except for th puffy eyes, even this morn after only having two zuritos of wine- & then after th usual hotel flour-sugar-butter-caffeine breakfast, my chest tightens up. su caso, senyor fiscal…give up on bkfast? for at least a couple of days? just poleo menta & one croissant?? arrrrrrghh…

(1134h…) en la posada del fracaso…

three morning pages, back in ‘96 throughout serious emotional weather…

cocooning on th hoof?? -on wings wings wings to soar above, ascend?

(from a distance…everything’s hunky dory- down here on th ground, it’s a bitch…)

-so how can you tell me/y’re lonely? let me take you by th hand/& show you ’round

th streets of london…self-pity as creative fuel grows increasingly inefficient for this aging engine…need to tap some higher octane, cleaner burning non-fossil renewable resource! higher power? out of th way, shell-self! trust trust trust & engage-disengage-reengage?

take two, take three, take five. six steps beyond seventh heaven?

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June 6th, 2003 at 12:40 am

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