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> i gave up. i was late in trying to link up w/ th bread & puppeteers @
> whatever their place in th 25th anniversary hallowe’en parade may have
> & tried to play catch-up for an hour & a half or so, coming up against
> police barriers & complete blockades as i made my way up from canal
> having to return to varick, then seventh avenue south to find my way
> i gave up @ fourteenth street, after craning my neck standing on an
> barrier for ten, fifteen minutes looking upon th heads & banners of th
> parade marchers as they made their way up sixth avenue…
> th last time i was here- & i was part of th parade, shaking maracas, if i
> remember right, as a member of th on th lam street band, th musical
> contingent of sometime new york resident bread & puppeteers- was
> ‘89, & terribly rainy night it was…it was my only experience of th
> expanded parade route- th time before that, back in ‘84…ah, hallowe’en
> ‘84, having broken up w/ christalia, just finishd performing tim miller’s
> ‘democracy in america’ piece @ brooklyn academy of music…back in ‘84,
> gathered @ westbeth…is ralph lee still involved in this?
> i digress: i stayed in nyc for th hallowe’en parade & i feel i missd it
> after all…when spectatorship supersedes participation, th economic
> triggers go off & th ritual becomes a corporate & media event..i haven’t
> followed
> th process, i just see th results…
> it’s interesting to see political content grow
> in emphasis, explicitly, as if to balance th growing intervention &
> of th structure of th parade on th part of th powers-that-be…w/ a rock
> band on a big float chanting ‘people have th power’ & a sizeable
> decrying homophobic violence, it certainly seems af if th pure carnival
> aspect, th role-playing & merriment have become subsumed under th
> between th liberal & conservative, reactionary forces in american
> as acted out in th politically important new york stage prior to these
> midterm elections…
> meanwhile, to go back to th riotous, disorderly, transgressive, pagan
> of th festival, i am taking a couple of deep breaths as i prepare to
> hellfire, one of th fetish clubs that endure under th giuliani
> suivre…)
> d=(8{>
> (ps:cd any who have access to my address list from earlier installments
> my ‘hebdomadaire’ forward them to further firends & audience? mil gracias-
> japi jalouin!!)

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November 2nd, 1998 at 1:51 pm

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