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amStrand hebdo:rerouting

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(Saturday th 19th, 04.1997)
I could flip for it & pick
a continent where th sea’s not
lapping at my backyard everywhere I turn
(one side of an ocean as good as another)
so long as nature isn’t overpowering
or th culture isn’t overrun…long
as I can follow th course of a river
over th course of more than one whole day
* am I looking for a Greater Vehicle?
as long as it lets some open air blow
around me, I might spring for a convertible
:a four-wheeled amphibian that can
leave th ground & take to th sky
if only for short bouts of inspiration-
not so wild & free as my motorcycle dreams…
I wince to call it home here-
only th place I tore, crumpled & blew
my youth in avoiding growing up-
I thought I came by merely to refuel
but months have gone by
& I grow increasingly disoriented
with each passing day…

Written by morituri

January 23rd, 1999 at 11:44 am

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