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another silent fortnight…is it a blue moon or isn’t it?
guess it depends on what longitude y’re straddling-
hallowe’en hunter’s moon, full at midnight!
i wanted to be in barcelona by now…boo hoohoo…
but avant aucune autre chose- all praise to whom all praise is due!
or, as certain rockstars are wont to phrase it, ‘i’d like to thank my higher power’-
i’ve run five days in th week since last wednesday: it began w/ my first two back-to-back days since i can’t

remember when, light 25 minute tests, then sunday & monday i did a solid 35 minutes each time & 32 minutes

today after a full day driving into san juan for errands at th state department & th film office of th puerto

rico development corporation to start paperwork on incorporating wanderlustmedia…
my footwork to help heal my lingering infection has featured weekly on/off cycles of golden seal & echinacea-

one gram each throughout th day, plus some topically applied golden seal at bedtime…& a fair amount of wild,

restless zazen-sobbing & talking to myself out loud at times…
many rivers to cross…ride th train/through th misty night time…
i have a reservation to travel november 10, but my current inclination is to wait until carlos oscar arrives

from florida,
& fly to amsterdam instead on th 18th or 19th to help cook thanksgiving dinner at scott & rachel’s, then find

my way south visiting friends & relatives during th holiday season…

october ends in mute restlessness
i wander this world like a ghost on reprieve
experiencing something like a body
supporting th substantive illusion of self

crowding east against custom
clouds blow across th sunset
house reeks of catshit

between neck & shoulder hang my twin traps:
to th left, intuition frustrated by mistrust
to th right, logic tangled in critical doubt

when i push to move ahead, shake free, break away
one or another goes into spasm & paralyzes
th flow of dream desire into action…

love, love, my season (sylvia plath) d=(8{>

www.wanderlustmedia.com: a virtual ground for homeless desire
(‘reposo virtual para el deseo disperso’ ?- gotta work on translations for that motto!
die virtual grund fuer die heimatlos verlangen??)

Written by morituri

November 1st, 2001 at 8:52 pm

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