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hebdo.over dis-ease?

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it’s already two weeks i’ve been sleeping under th bare concrete beam helping support th roof over my cluttered

pie-slice of
a storage room… we moved here th summer after i turned 17. i had given up meat & insisted i wasn’t going back

to san
ignacio- th jesuit prep school- for my senior year so i was preparing for a test on european history to

th requirements for a GED diploma from th puerto rico departement of education…i had expressed a preference

a spherical dome for my mom’s family dream house, & this was taken into consideration w/ th outcome being an

round concrete bohio- call it a modern native puertorican bungalow?
th contractor had been somewhat negligent, cutting corners here & there (my dad wanted to have this house built

for an
unrealistic $30thou, back in ‘70 or so, & it took a sometime trumpet player from cuba to say he’d bring it in

for just 5thou
above. th realistic bids were between 55-65 thou…) so- we were painting, dyeing doors & closet shelves,

helping dad put up
bookshelf units w/ writing desks in each of our pie-slice rooms for a fair part of that summer of ‘71…there

may have been
bigger unfinished jobs i forget- for example, my dad has been working on sealing th leaky cracks in a

careleessly set
concrete roof ever since then…i remember living on yogurt w/ raisins, wheat germ & honey; & pizza w/ all th

trimmings from shirley’s, our local parlor.
by september 7 i was on a flight to spain under th care of my dad’s cousin diego, who was a medical student in

santiago de
compostela. a little distance from th bad influences & i would be back on th straight & narrow path in no

but that is, if not a whole other story, at least a very different part of th tale.
fever is gone by now. it subsided slowly over that first week, climbing up to th neighboorhood of

every night at first. being in dr.dad’s care, i remembered how i had learned to self-medicate at an early age:

if i felt under
th weather & tried to exaggerate my symptoms in order to stay home, my temperature was taken. if i was not

running a fever,
i was given a decongestant spray, maybe some children’s aspirin & written instructions as a reminder on dosage.

der guter
doktor’s protestations to th contrary, attitude & method have changed minimally in 30-40 years…
i brought all th wrong things from vega baja. there was nobody else here to make a salad, & since th vegetable

crisper & fruit
drawers in th fridge are chock full of dr.dad’s mangoes, th chicory was dead of frostbite by th time i had

energy to think of
using it. dr.dad’s food offerings consist mostly of a couple of frozen stews microwaved w/ parts from some

fresh-killed lamb
he got as a gift some months ago. i had some chicken soup of jeanette’s during th first couple of
days. maybe some yogurt. at some point i gathered my strength & mixed th last of th chicken soup w/ some

leftover chick
peas & lamb & put them to boil w/ a fresh onion i had javier fetch from titi elba’s (so when was this? when
did javier drive over?? a week ago last thursday- july 12?) plus one of th wilting carrots i’d managed to

that’s been my dinner for most of th last ten days- i’ve kept a bottomless pot of lentil soup going since then-

freezing it
overnight, thawing it out & adding whatever fresh veggie it could use a new helping of.
oh, my lymph nodes! i can stand & walk for about ten minutes at a time by now. what was a well-defined golf

ball not quite
half-buried in my thigh is now a squashed, old tennis ball- irregular edges, hardening where i imagine th lymph

nodes are,
softer & tender where there is pus or other liquid debris from what seems a still active infection: skin is

bright red, & th area
is hot w/ localized fever. th only other doctor to come by & see me was dr.dad’s closest friend, th

pathologist mica.
dr.dad is adamant that any puncturing to take a sample for analysis, any attempt at drainage, will result in an

oozing sore that
may take two to seven months to heal. so i’m supposed to be patient & wait until th node (or nodes, may be more

than one
involved) necrotizes: dies inside me & is reabsorbed. i tell you, like a survivor of th bubonic plague.
stay tuned!

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July 22nd, 2001 at 12:23 pm

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