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hebdo.wanderlust-six days on th camino…

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* but i ain’t gonna see my baby tonight. got no baby to see. so on th seventh day, i rested. pushd it a little

too far, too fast- what else is new? nearly 160 kilometers in that week- from canfranc near somport & th

aragonese border w/ france to puente la reina-garés in navarra, where el camino aragonés joins el camino

francés…th nail on my big left toe is on its way off- tiene los días contados, even if i’m not doing th

counting, my left knee is still achy after four days inactivity- some sweling, not sure if it’s tendinitis

(tendOnitis?) or bruisd cartilage…i’m not into th heavy macho thing, i need to train a little better for

whatever follow-up i expect to do… it’s a grey day in pamplona as i write this & i’m paying for th hemingway

aura-i actually have th room next door to th one he always took- in th hotel la perla because i arrived in town

after midnight sunday & th hostales had all lockd their doors. i walkd into café-bar joakín in puente la reina

expecting to have an early lunch- before two n th aftenoon, in spain- & check th photo show on th walls before

taking th afternoon bus into th capital- iruña, in basque-only to find myself invited to th closing supper that

evening by th owner-chef, who also had some even nicer black & white prints hung in th rear dining room-& these

were his own. after a long afternoon of drinking & dice-throwing, i helpd fernando make a big dish of cous-cous

we all dug into w/ spoons…th man is working to open his new business here in town sometime before th

christmas season & i haven’t managed to see him since he droppd me off @ th corner of la plaza dl castillo

where th hotel is snugly nestled…tonight will be my third night, i was hoping to do another week of walking,

into la rioja or th first towns in castilla but i’m not sure i can handle th cold wave that’s coming in my

resource-depleted state…there’s another spanner in th works: i’ve gotten word that th house in la guardia may

have bn already sold, so i have no place of my own to go to…gotta call my parinte carlitos alonso & find out

what’s going on…th news, as may be expected, contributes to making me feel increasingly adrift, homeless-

there is no place on earth where i do not live as if in exile, including puerto rico…(à suivre…) love,

love/ i have hung our cave w/ roses… davidj=(8{>

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October 18th, 1999 at 10:37 pm

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