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> > is there such a thing as a quiet, smoke-free internet cafe in asterdam?

> > seems highly unlikely from th accumulating evidence…i wd hazard to
> > it’s bn a process of diversification for th smoke cafes- from pinball
> > machines & pool tables to higher-end client base profit expansion
> > seeking…& blah blah woof woof to you, to quote th late great
> mr.hendrix…
> > boy, for a small country th dutch sure seem to do things in a big way.
> there
> > was a big gay pride boat parade yesterday worthy of a dutch version of
> > ’south park’- big official floats w/ everybody & their maiden aunt’s
> little
> > motor lauch getting in on th act…got a bit of nice footage out of it
> even
> > if i did get a little wet out in th dutch drizzle…
> > spent th rest of th afternoon making up for missd lunch w/ a burgundian

> > dinner- ardennes pate followed by roast lamb in mint & honey sauce-
> > down w/ glasses of belgian lambic- that’s liquid sourdough to th
> > uninitiated- beer fermented spontaneously on th grain’s naturally
> > -umm are they still yeasts? i wd guess so…
> > meanwhile as i sit here struggling w/ my pseudo-journalistic vocation,
> > online travel journals seem to be proliferating all around me. a cursory

> > peek @ neighboring & surrounding monitors show hotmail & yahoo to be th

> > services of choice…

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August 8th, 1999 at 7:38 am

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