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Wednesday th 26, 05.1999 (17h14) mittwoch: midweek midmorning heats up into midday, sinks into th midafternoon

of midlife… is this song over? what’s left, then?
th winds blow hot but gust cold
as fast approaching first of June
brews midyear tropical storms in th midatlantic…
prozac season is here again…
th braces have come off & my receding gums reinforce th feeling of being fourteen going on sixty-five: years of

negligent dental hygiene have taken their toll in creeping periodontal disease…
Friday th 28, 05.1999 (11h56) hey, love of my life! is yr beauty finally up from its slumbers & on th march of

* because paradoxically & ironically enough, yr prince here has nodded out in th face of his frightfully fading

charms… our places have been switched, our gender roles reversed while we blinked furiously, struggling to

focus our attention & seeking to recognise an ally of our desires among th shadows dancing in th twilight…

oh, are you a tareyton smoker? wd you rather get yr eyes blackened for staking yr claim to one constricted

lungful of pleasure than be wholeheartedly thrilld @ th renewed opportunity to breathlessly peel off layers of

proudly hardened cultural callus from our wary pink innocence? listen, here, now, listen: every fiber of my

being calls to you-asleep or awake, frequency vibrating out & up to a blinding, deafening ring beyond cosmic

fusion or down to a single flat cycle wave beneath th threshold of sensory perception-stripping down to my

sunset silk thong in th crowded dakar dance club only to surface into some hungry daybreak hole in a frozen

nantucket pond of my dreams every tinymitochondrion hums its energy furnace w/out a moment’s rest-fueling each

& every living & dying cell in this curving body to its perfect dissolution-every dancing helix, every bonding

burning biochemical enabler hones th spiritual electron stream of desire home to yr name all you need


Written by morituri

May 28th, 1999 at 8:42 pm

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